Peter Milligan is an award-winning London-based writer of comic books and graphic novels, published in many languages

throughout the world. His work includes groundbreaking titles such as the psychedelic Shade The Changing Man and SKIN,

about a skinhead suffering from the effects of Thalidomide, up to Greek Street, an homage to Greek myth seen through the

prism of violent modern-day London. His work also includes the more mainstream, from Batman to the successful and critically acclaimed re-imagining of the X-Men myth: X-STATIX, described by Kevin Smith (CLERKS etc) as “the most well-observed scholarly analysis of media-manipulation filtered through a pop-culture lens ever committed to the page”.

Milligan has had two films produced: Pilgrim starring Ray Liotta. And An Angel For May, starring Tom Wilkinson. He is

currently working on another production.



Kind of Euripides meets Lock Stock and Two smoking Barrels, Greek Street follows the terrible mishaps of Eddie, as he tries to find his biological mother and soon finds himself being pursued by a fearsome gang of London thugs called the Fureys.

The second storyline is a short tale called Alex, which focuses on an embittered ex-soldier, traumatised by his time in Afghanistan.


Milligan’s run on the long-running tale of John Constantine has seen the grizzled urban mage try to re-animate the corpse of a dead lover and head off for India in a vain search for spiritual purity. It’s also introduced the sexy Epiphany Greaves, the alchemist daughter of a dangerous London gangster.


The Bronx Kill is part of Vertigo’s new “crime” line. A darkly twisted inter-generational mystery that crime writer Ken Bruen called “Sheer pitch perfect noir.”



With Wildstorm comics, Zombistas! is a zombie-story with a difference set in Mexico and California about an American company who are trying to create the perfect non-unionized labour force.


In collaboration with director Antoine Fuqua, After Dark is a violent thriller set in a dystopian future about a group of misfits sent to find the one person who might save their world. To be published by Radical Comics later in 2010.


This five part series with Marvel Comics will feature some of Marvel’s most famous and popular charecters.... as they’ve never been seen before.

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